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How the American farming industry has changed..

There was a time in the early years of American history that the overwhelming majority of our workforce was either directly or indirectly related to farming. The production of crops, meat and dairy products were traditional skills that farmers needed to supply their own families with food and income. In 1840, agriculture workers made up 70% of the entire American workforce, and by 1935, there were nearly 7 million.

A Timeline of Opposing Forces

When the stock market crashed in 1929, there was already speculation of a downturn based on low wages, debt, and an excess of large bank loans. Even though the economy would eventually rebound, a seemingly strong agricultural sector would soon start to struggle based on changing dynamics that had been manifesting before 1929. And there was one major force in particular that was already well on its way - industrial advancements.

The 1920's brought on a rapid expansion in the farming industry largely due to advancements in mechanization. The new technologies, such as the combine harvester, meant that most of the smaller family farms were replaced by larger and more business-oriented farms. Fortunately, even despite the increase in size, much of agricultural production continued to be undertaken by family-owned operations. Gradually however, advancements in the American agricultural industry meant that efficicent machinery would take the place of human labor, leaving less opportunity for employment.

Currently, farmers and ranchers add up to only 1.3% of employed American workers, adding up to about 2.6 million people. While the number of people in the farming industry has been slowly declining for decades, there is a glimmer of hope. Farming has been experiencing rapid innovation with smart technology that is not only changing the agriculture workplace, but also how Americans interact with their food on a daily basis.

Smart Technology

It seems that the farming industry may be looking good in some respects. Even though the number of people in the farming industry has been slowly declining for decades, at the same time the effects of the rapid growth in farming from innovation with smart technology seems to have helped somewhat. In fact, only two percent of the population produces enough food for the entire world to consume.

Indeed, the American way-of-life has been transformed from a nation of rural farmers into a nation of technology-savy employees. Today, the American workforce wakes up to the sound of their smartphone alarm to get ready for another day at the office. The livelihood of Americans is largely dependent on electronic hardware, telecommunication systems and information technology, and this is true for consumers as well as farmers...

Three Types of Farming

There are three basic types of farming...

Farming is hard work and takes planning. Aspiring farmers must first consider the geographical location they want for their farmland. Choosing the type of agriculture that is best for a specific place they farm can be intensive or extensive.

Today, many relatively small farmers use some combination of intensive and extensive agriculture, and many of these operate relatively close to markets.

Farm Animal Enclosures

Animal enclosures are used for many purposes. They're used on farms as well as zoos, wildlife refuges and animal shelters. Various companies build enclosures for typical farm animals, exotic farm animals and show pets. Although enclosures are used in various capacities on farms, they can also be designed and manufactured for non-farm animals such as wolves, foxes and coyotes for purposes of rehabilitation and sanctuaries. Enclosure projects do not always involve housing animals, rather, some might have to do with long distance transportation or guiding animals from one area to another, such as a rodeo event.

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According to CareerAddict, some of the most lucrative positions available in the field include:

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