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Our Terms & Conditions page is intended to provide you with an easy-to-understand description of how we intend to offer you honest and efficient services. All of the statements on this page are written in a simple verbiage format in order to make the experience of using this website easy, simple and fun.

While using this website, you will not experience any cookies or spyware being downloaded into your computer's hard drive or Browser. Our website is very safe to use.


Items purchased from this site include a detailed invoice from our merchant provider. All of our customers are supplied with an accurate and detailed invoice as part of the payment process. We make these documents easily accessible and printable through either a dedicated client accounts page or the merchant company.If you need a second invoice from us, let us know and we'll provide one for you. Special orders include an invoice and verbal agreement for items not yet purchased.


We accept credit cards, e-checks, cash or digital payments through our online merchant account. You will not have to pay for any payment fees, as we pick up the cost of all percentage fees and fixed costs that are charged by online payment providers.

Accounts Page

Preferred clients are supplied with a detailed client page which contains the details of their transactions, payment details and login information.

Service Guarantee

We provide a page on our website that describes what we feel to be a well-rounded description of quality assurance. Basically, we want to guarantee your complete satisfaction and make a promise to you that defines the following:

Our service guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction. For more information, please contact us here»


This website uses only simple scripting technologies that are hard-coded into the website itself. Aside from HTML and CSS, there are other scripting languages such as Javascript, that enhance our website's ability to supply you (the viewer) a dynamic experience. These technologies are installed on the client-side to enable simple functions to work such as clickable thumbs and contact forms. This website is not database driven.


We respect your privacy. We use no spyware to gather information about you. We do not gather personal information about clients in order to sell to other entities. We do, however, keep basic contact information about regular clients who make consistent requests and periodic work. Please read our privacy statements here»

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