Educational Book About The Environment

Birdhouse Benefits

Educational Book About Environment

An educational book spotlighting important environmental issues that are commonly discussed today. Read about 9 specific ways birdhouses help our environment...

The book features...

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The book can be purchased on Amazon. Order the softback cover version or the ebook, it's your choice!

In addition to the 9 benefits, the book also highlights information on mounting locations, differences between ecosystems and habitats, differences between birdhouses and nestboxes, endangered avian species, laws, statistics, and much more. That's not to mention the easy-to-read print and bright color pictures for children and adults. Yes, as you flip through the pages, you'll learn and have fun at the same time!

The book is based on the article "How Does a Birdhouse Help the Environment?"

Birdhouses play an important role in nature. Anywhere you go around the globe, you'll notice birds relying on birdhouses to perform a multitude of functions that help them to live well and be happy. Without birdhouses, the avian kingdom would not be the same. This softcover book examines 9 ways that birdhouses are beneficial to our environment and details them with an easy-to-read format along with large color images. Buy the book on Amazon...

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The main purpose of this book is to encourage you to mount a birdhouse in your yard and teach you about all the benefits. It is written for the entertainment and education of adults and children 6 years and up.

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