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The Farming Outpost provides a privacy policy to ensure all viewers of a safe and comfortable viewing experience. During your browsing session on this site, you will not experience any software, cookies, or updates installed on your computer's hard drive.


When you use our website forms, you'll be asked to fill out all *required fields before submission. When we receive your submitted information, it is regarded as private and confidential. Our intention is to provide you with a website that operates with simplicity, so we've designed the forms on this site to be short and simple. The phone field is sometimes optional depending on the particular form and your request.

How we treat your personal information..

When you send us your information, it will not be sold, traded or shared with other entities. We carefully manage all client data that we receive directly through our forms and email. Once we receive it, all information is stored securely and is held only long enough to respond to the type of need you have. Once we no longer need your information, it will be permanently deleted from our records.

Contact Form

Our contact form is for general comments and questions, and only asks for 3 to 7 required input fields. Phone is not required.

Job Form

Our job form only asks for basic information. You are only required to give enough information that lets us know a little about you, your interests, and the position you're applying for.

Client-Side Scripting Technologies

JavaScript and PHP call-functions are used on this site to enable certain functions to work properly. This means that unique code functions are needed to effectively use our forms, video, downloadables and more. Some functions may not work properly in older Browsers, and it is suggested that for a better user experience that you upgrade your Browser to the latest version of your current Browser type. For a faster and safer Web experience, you should upgrade every 18-24 months.


Our photo gallery uses only client-side scripting techniques. We want you to enjoy yourself and have fun viewing our photos and videos. To ensure that your viewing experience works seamlessly, we have scripted our multimedia pages with simple up-to-date JavaScript code. Please feel free to browse our site and enjoy all of what it has to offer, including articles and downloadable PDF's.

Cookie Policy

This site DOES NOT use cookies. It also DOES NOT use spamming techniques or malicious code to spy and gather information on its visitors.

Intellectual Property

Do not copy text or graphics on this site without permission from the Farming Outpost.

Outside Domains

Outbound links will direct you to different domains outside of this website. Links to outside domains are only intended to offer you further reading on a related topic.

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