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The interaction we experience with farm animals is beneficial because it teaches us more about agriculture and wildlife. When we interact with our farm animals, it creates the same bonds that regular pet owners have with traditional house pets. There are many types of farm animals that can be made as pets, and even trained as pets. Getting up close to farm pets enables humans to bond by making physical contact with them, such as petting, gentle rubbing/massaging and scratching.

Do all farm animals make good pets!

Not all farm animals are ideal as pets, for instance, certain animals that are very large and have horns, large hoofs or sharp teeth can create dangerous cituations when humans are close by. Others can weight close to 1/2 ton or more and be naturally aggressive in any cituation. People should also be aware that farm animals can carry germs that make people sick when they interact with them up close.

Nontheless, the Farming Outpost is here to help you make a wise decision for a type of farm animal that will make a happy and fun pet for your farm. We have listed below a series of safe farm pets that you might be interested in having as your new family member on your farm, ranch or home residence:

Rabbits (German Giant)

German Giants make wonderful pets for kids and adults. They feel right at home being part of your family and adapt easily as long as they are given lots of room to hop around. A German Giant doesn't mind being held and rubbed, and they enjoy similair things that dogs like to do such as cuddling, running around the yard, exploring and chasing other pets.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds are great dogs. As far as medium to large dogs, they offer almost every good characteristic that a loyal, smart and beautiful dog has to offer. German Shepherds are working dogs, so you can train them for many tasks, as well as specific tasks that pertain to farms. From the standpoint of a farm owner, you may have specific reasons for owning a German Shepherd, but when it comes to general purposes, German Shepherds are strong, intelligent, alert, and are very trainable when it comes to protecting your farm perimeter.

Mini Bull Terriers

A Mini Bull Terrier is a special breed of dog. Just take one look at the shape of it's eyes, egg-shaped head, box-like body and short muscular appearance, and you'll know what a special breed of dog it really is. However, special doesn't always mean good, as a Mini Bull Terrier is more independent than other dogs, so it may be difficult to train. It's behavoir can also be somewhat unpredictable and clownish. But for someone who knows this type of dog and wants one as a farm pet, you'll appreciate the overall characteristics that make up this truely unique breed.

If you're a farm owner, the list of possible farm dogs may not include a Mini Bull Terrier, but when you consider the potential that this breed has to offer, you might want to think again. The high-energy level of a Mini Bull Terrier, along with it's consistent barking patterns and ability to move around quickly make this unique breed a good candidate for simple chores such as scaring away coyotes from the chicken coop, scaring crows away from the corn field, or just running around and barking at anything that moves. If you're someone who owns or works on a farm, you might want to consider a job-position for this special breed of canine!

Dog Kennels

When you leave your pet alone, you want the peace-of-mind in knowing that your pet will be alright until you return. A dog kennel is a secure and humane way of ensuring that your dog is safe and secure from harm. We have a variety of dog kennels that will accommodate any size and breed of dog.

Domesticated Birds (Poultry)

Poultry is defined as domesticated birds kept for eggs or meat. However, there are a lot of poultry birds that make great pets too. Turkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, quail, peacocks, swans, partridges and pigeons are some examples.

Bird Houses

There are a number of various wild birds that can be beneficial to your farm. Bluebirds, meadowlarks, owls and swallows are just a few bird types that can be beneficial as far as birds that keep the insect, rodent and weed population in check. Although we don't sell wild birds, we do in fact carry bird houses that will accommodate certain birds that might be found on your farm. Our bird house selection will attract almost any species of bird that live on or near your farm. Wrens, chikadees, bluebirds, whatever your favorite bird species, we have a bird house that will attract a mother bird seeking a safe structure for her babies.

If you're a bird lover, we have a large variety of birdhouses for sale »

Raw Food

The best formula for raw dog meals should include a large percentage of meat protein. The remaining substances should contaon NO steroids, hormones or antibiotics. It should also be gluten-free AND grain-Free. The Farming Outpost wants to supply your dog with a nutritionally balanced and complete source of raw dog food:

Dog Food

If you're eating healthy, then your dog should eat healthy too. So if you love your dog (which we know you do), then you should care about their health. That's why there is "The Farmer's Dog," a service that delivers a fresh and balanced pet food with simple recipes. The Farmer's Dog is tested on humans with human-grade USDA ingredients and has less processing, more natural nutrients, and higher safety standards. A special plan for your dog can be customized to your dog's individual profile. They are ready-to-serve meals and are pre-made and pre-portioned. Just open and pour. Made fresh and delivered to you within days of cooking. Never frozen or stored on a shelf for months. Our plans are perfectly timed deliveries that will make sure you never run out.

Dog Treats

If your dog is like most dogs, then most likely it loves dog treats. If you're looking for the perfect reward for your dog, the Farming Outpost has healthy dog treats guaranteed to have them begging for more. Dog treats are a great way to keep your dog happy and healthy, and they're also an effective way to keep your dog's attention focused on you during training sessions.

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